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 The Sound Of Fury

Billy Fury        .......Always Remembered

Press Statement by The Sound of Fury-Official Billy Fury Fan Club-(Established 1996)

It took the Sound of Fury Fan Club Syndicate, (Maureen Bowden, Jackie Clark, Chris Eley, Mick Hill, Clare Mehmet-Nugent and Jean Prosser), six years and four months of unremitting effort to drive the £40,000 Billy Fury Bronze Project, originated by Liverpudlians Lynda and Peter Keller, to its successful conclusion in April 2003.

Supported by various venue owners and fans attending (without either of whom the project could never have been achieved), Peter and Lynda, tribute acts, some of Billy’s contemporaries and other artists and bands, some members of the Liverpool business community and local council, the National Museums of Liverpool (and their essential help), the Liverpool media, and the family of Billy Fury, it was a massive commitment for the six, then five volunteers in the fan club syndicate, to shoulder.

It was to be an exciting, and ultimately, highly fulfilling ride, right up to the point of officially handing over ownership of the statue to the museum for the benefit of the Nation and fans everywhere.The existing plaque on the statue was designed by the Sound of Fury but the project was never going to be complete without an unveiling plaque.Since 2003, for reasons beyond the Sound of Fury’s control, placing a plaque has been problematical but at last, once again with the help of the highly regarded and talented sculptor, Tom Murphy, a suitable plaque has been designed and fitted.

The Sound of Fury copyright logo has been incorporated into the design of the plaque and the excellent work by Tom Murphy only serves to enhance the statue that he produced for the Sound of Fury.A stunning work of art designed to honour the UK’s premier rock’n’roll roll star in his home city.The plaque simply reaffirms the truth of what occurred on the day of the unveiling and not only honours both of the luminaries who actually unveiled the statue (Councillor Eddie Clein and the legendary Mr Jack Good), but also the very special and much loved Guest of Honour, Mrs Jean Wycherley (who actually assisted with the unveiling).

Chris Eley

The Sound of Fury 2nd November 2010

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